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Short Hair Vs Long Hair: Which Is Better On Men?

It has been ages since the battle between long and short hair has been ongoing. Each group has its views about the various advantages of a particular hairstyle.

The two important things to consider while choosing a hairstyle is lifestyle and profession. Then again, it also depends on the amount of time you have to take care of your hair.

So before going into the details of long and short hair, let us take a close look at the two styles.THE SHORT HAIRSTYLE

This style has been associated with the western concept of masculinity for a long time. In many workplaces and schools, men need to cut their hair short. This is the ideal cut for men who are too busy to take proper care of their hair.THE LONG HAIRSTYLE

If you are looking to make a statement with your individuality, then you can always sport long hair. The important thing is, you need to carry it with confidence.

While it can make you look cool, you need to devote more time to caring for your hair. Keep in mind that growing the hair will take some time and patience.CHOOSING THE RIGHT HAIRSTYLE

Basically, if you want to project a masculine image or one of a competent leader, the short hairstyle is the best choice. If you want to appear more playful and relaxed, then long hair can be your pick.

In case long hair makes you look too feminine, you can balance it by growing some facial hair. Note that almost all kinds of top-wear can work with short hair.

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