12 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

How do you know if your relationship is on the road to true happiness?

The answer is simple. If you find yourself with ‘fewer’ signs of a ‘healthy relationship’, there could be something seriously wrong!

We are going to discuss the 12 significant signs of turning your relationship into a healthy one!

Communicate Well

In a healthy communication with your partner, you cannot allow the bad feelings to creep up into your relationship and take control of it. It is essential to understand the actual wants and desires of your partner. Being aware of their true feelings will make communication easier.

If you do not talk to the other person, then you are not honest about how you feel about them.

With the aid of an open conversation with your partner, they will start getting along better and will love you for the same.

Some Privacy Matters

Any healthy relationships cater to a sense of privacy to feel secure. And everyone involved should respect the same. It can be effortless to do if you know the exact moment to disclose your issues and practice your boundaries properly.

When you are together, it is essential to have a certain degree of confidentiality with each other to maintain a level of trust and security.

Hold no grudges

A healthy relationship never holds any grudges and or tolerates the same. And you tend to notice minute nuances of your partner, the more you become familiar with the individual.

Owing to some imprudent belief that the other person did something wrong to you should never continue with your grudge-bearing actions of the past.

Spend quality time together

Having a healthy relationship with your partner means you want to prioritise over each other’s company. And, It helps if you spend time together while turning it to be a memorable one.

Go out for a nice meal, or sit down and have a quiet chat over a glass of wine. You could even take the time and go out dancing together or even try going for a late-night ride. As, with options aplenty, a strong bonding starts to develop!


Intimacy in a healthy relationship is all about creating closeness with your partner. It includes the words you use, the way you act and talk and the way you behave.

Having a close relationship also does not mean that you have to be physically intimate. You can enjoy a bear hug too!! You do not have to show your lover how much you love and care for him/her. All you need to do is let them know how much they mean to you. Never forget that the secret lies in the closeness between the two people – the ultimate key to a healthy relationship.

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